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Backing up a UEFI based System

Created: 21 Feb 2013 • 1 comment
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Backing up a UEFI based System:-

New Symantec System Recovery 2013 supports the Backup and Restore of UEFI based system.

The following document is intended to walk through the backup procedure of UEFI based systems.

On the Define Backup Wizard SSR 2013 will list all the volumes on the system that can be backed up. In the following image we have ‘C drive’ available.

The ‘Show Hidden Drives’ option enables the user to view and select the system hidden partitions such as Recovery partition(usually OEM partitions) and ESP(EFI System Partition) as shown in image below.

In any case if the user misses to check the ‘Show Hidden Drives’ option and select these system partition and just selects the ‘C drive’ SSR 2013 intuitively prompts to select the related drives/partitions such as Recovery partitions and ESP.

In the above image of Define Backup Wizard the ‘Add all related drives’ is selected by default to ensure the backup of system is done correctly in order to do a Disaster Recovery.

This wizard will also show user unmounted volumes if there are any. If a user decides not to include those unmounted volumes in the backup, the option ‘Edit the list of selected drives’ can be selected to make the specific selection.

It might also happen that User would want to explicitly backup only ‘C drive’ or ‘D drive’ in that case ‘Do not add related drives’ option can be selected.

Rest of the configuration process is same as the backup configuration of any other system.

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So if I understand correctly, the best course of action is to include all hidden partitions related to the disk as to insure the recovered disk will boot properly.

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