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Created: 02 May 2011 • Updated: 28 May 2014
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Backup Exec Redefines the Future of Data Protection …The End of Backup As You Know It:

So my guess is your business has or will experience one or more of the following backup challenges:

  • Data Growth: Is your business challenged with how to manage data explosion as more of your data moves to a digital form?  How do you protect it all?  How can you manage the increase in storage and management costs?
  • IT Downtime: Does your business have a tested plan on how to recover from a critical IT event (data corruption, onsite disaster)?  The Symantec 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey found that half of you do not have a plan in place, even though 65 percent of you live in regions susceptible to natural disasters.  This is a huge risk as the median cost of downtime for an SMB is $12,500 per day – which could easily put small company out of business.
  • Virtualization: Have you made the move from physical servers to virtual servers? Server virtualization provides many benefits but can also introduce new backup complexities.  Many businesses are concerned that the new risks and management costs of virtualization might outweigh the benefits of virtualization.
  • Cost & Complexity: overall we know you have to do-more-with-less.  How can you simplify you backup and recovery environment so it easily adapts and scales to your IT environment without a lot of added cost?

To solve these challenges, we announced Tuesday, May 3 at Symantec Vision, the end of backup as you know it and a new Backup Exec product strategy vision.  This vision is focused on reducing stored data, improving recovery and simplifying virtual server protection to alleviate your data protection challenges and complexity.  The future of backup will be defined by simplicity, flexibility and choice, and as a global leader in this space we will provide you business with a unique portfolio that will allow you to deploy a modern backup infrastructure that best fits YOUR needs.

Not only will we continue to deliver new ways to control digital data growth, improve speed of recovery and optimize virtual server backup environments but as of today, we are the first global company to provide you with a choice in how to adopt/deploy backup and recovery protection.  Now Backup Exec can be deployed as software, an appliance, or via cloud-based data protection to best fit your IT needs. With the announcements at Vision, Symantec is leading the transformation of the SMB data protection segment.

Now if you're new to these offerings let's explore when it's best to consider backup software vs a backup appliance vs.cloub based backup - there are benefits of each depending on your IT expertise, integration needs and budget. 

Is Backup Software Right For You?

  • Dedicated IT Staff: if your business has onsite or third party IT support which can optimize a software and hardware deployment.
  • Large Data Volume: significant data (multiple TB), and a complex architecture (SAN) 
  • Preferred Hardware Relationship: if your business has a preferences for a specific hardware vendor  
  • Existing Customer: if you are happy with a current software deployment, there is no need to change.
  • Preference for Software: do you prefer software vs implementing appliances or SaaS applications broadly

Is a Dedicated Backup Appliance Right For You?

  • No Local IT Staff: a need for pre-integrated hardware & software stack that can be managed remotely by a remote IT Admin or by a trusted partner. “Set & forget” and “plug-in-play” with no day-to-day IT support.
  • Remote Offices:  if you’re a larger company with remote offices looking to drop in an all-in-one disk appliance for local backup of the remote office.  Data can be easily moved to corporate headquarters for archiving, and the appliances can be managed across remote offices with Backup Exec Central Admin Server Option (CASO).
  • Hardware Agnostic: if your company does not have a hardware vendor preference and simply wants an all-in-one backup solution, then a branded appliance from Symantec is ideal.
  • Preference for Appliances: you may have a preference for integrated appliances, having already deployed security appliances, NAS appliances, and other appliances broadly.

Is Cloud-Based Backup Right For You?

  • No Local IT Staff: if you outsource most of your IT management today
  • Smaller Data Sets: since network bandwidth is a consideration when data sets are large it is ideal for smaller companies
  • No Hardware for Backup: no current investment in hardware storage, and no preference to own or manage own hardware
  • Preference for SaaS/Cloud-Based IT: more and more companies prefer the benefits of software-as-a-service (agility, low initial price, pay-as-you-grow)

Now the benefit overall with Backup Exec’s new portfolio of backup choices is you can adopt one or a combination of the above models for your business.  What’s your preference?  We’re eager to hear what you prefer.

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