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Backup Exec

Backup Exec 2012 Beta - Trailer #2

Created: 17 Jun 2011 • Updated: 28 May 2014 • 3 comments
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See my First Availability blog as the Beta is now closed (Jan 31, 2012):

I know at least one of my many fans out there (the fan club membership has got to at least be numbering in the high twenties by now) has been anxiously awaiting this 2nd Backup Exec 2012 trailer/teaser. My #1 fan asked when I would be posting this follow-up and whether I would clarify if this new release would include cake (I could be confusing ‘cake’ with some SharePoint functionality, they are so easy to mix up). Obviously the when is now and the ‘cake’ question is ‘Yes’.

On that note, I was attending presentations all this week on many of the new features for the upcoming release and one that really appealed to my geek nature was on the updated command line interface. The demo included how you might easily use PowerShell to have the computer speak the job name and status in a creepy voice when the job completes (it sounded like GLaDOS). More on that if you join the Beta.

The new User Experience definitely impressed. It’s got simplified storage management, simplified job setup, and easy data lifecycle management to name just a few things. We’ve already done a short video demo to tease the new User Experience so if you join the Beta you will get to see it there (on Symbeta) soon, prior to the actual Beta download being posted.

Click here to sign up for the Backup Exec 2012 Beta

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Having Powershell "Speak" is a feature of the Windows Operating system, not Backup Exec.   I would be far more interesting in features that would be leveraged by Windows Powershell in the ability to Manage and Operate Backup Exec rather than it speaking a job name.

With that in mind, what features are being offered by Backup Exec via the Windows Powershell console?


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Hi, Sean.

The intent of the presentation was to demonstrate how easy it is to make "worlds collide" with respect to Backup Exec given that Backup Exec is now a first-class PowerShell citizen.

The demonstration showed the ability to pipe the path results of Select-String into a Backup Exec job as a means to protecting files with specific content, followed by having the Windows Speech API read the job log out loud when the job two lines of PowerShell script.

Understand that the presentation was given to an audience largely unfamiliar with PowerShell. While the scenario was contrived, it was designed to engage the audience and show the power of a PowerShell/Backup Exec combination.

To find out more information, we encourage you to sign up for the Backup Exec 2012 Beta.

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i have a new idea that " Backup Exec 2012 software that can automatically removes agents from the server and Client ( i Mean DLO))


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