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Created: 07 Jul 2011 • Updated: 28 May 2014
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It has been a couple weeks since my last post, and so I am going to make today’s post somewhat short, but hopefully still insightful. 

I wanted to quickly discuss why we have a .gz file in our LinuxUnixMac directory, on the Backup Exec DVD. This directory is where you would find the installation files for the “Remote Agent for Linux Unix Systems” (RALUS). It is in the root of the DVD media that we ship for Backup Exec 2010 R1 and above. We do not have a link to it via the DVD Browser, though maybe we should. Let us know if it would help you to add one.

For those who are familiar with Unix/Linux platforms, it should be obvious that this file (RALUS_RMALS_RAMS-5204.4.tar.gz) is simply a gunzip file. We document, and believe that the extension will lead our customers, to unpack it on a Unix/Linux/Mac platform. If you do, then life will be well. However if you try to unpack this file on a Windows machine, you will get duplicate file/overwrite messages during the extraction. This is due to some duplicate file names that exist in the Perl folders, which have a different case. Selecting to skip or continue during the extraction on a Windows file system, will yield an unusable install source for the RALUS agent(s).

As most savvy Windows users know, duplicate file names of different case are not acceptable on a Windows file system, but are perfectly acceptable on a Unix/Linux platform. Thus, we decided to gzip the Linux, Unix and Mac installation files for distribution on the DVD. Customers who wish to install on Linux, Unix or Mac platforms, should unpack the file on one of these platforms prior to install. Doing so will yield a valid source for installation, and give you more time with your family.


Here is a link to step by step instructions on installing the agent on these platforms.