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Backup Exec: Move to machine with different operating system

Created: 25 Nov 2009 • Updated: 25 Nov 2009
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The available knowledge base article to move a Backup Exec server to another machine does not help you, if the new machine runs on a different OS, e.g. 64-bit operating system.
I noticed that many users do not know of a useful option in Backup Exec, named “copy server configurations”. With this free option and my following guide, you will be able to copy your existing Backup Exec server onto a new machine with different operating system.
If both servers are present, you could use the following steps to copy your data:
please note:
Go to "Tools" -> "Install options and license keys on this media server" and check if the free option to copy server configuration, named "copy server configurations", is installed on the media server. If not, please install it.
copy the data:
1. Bring both servers online
2. Copy catalog and job log directory onto the new server so they are present on both servers
3. Go to "job setup" on the old server, select one policy which you want to copy to your new server, do a right click on it and choose copy.
a. Select „copy to other media servers“
b. click on „add“ and add the new media server
c. copy the data (OK)
5. Do this for every Policy and selection list
4. Please check if all data has been correctly added to the new server
After all you have to create the Jobs from the policy again, of course.
I hope this little guide will help some people.
Best regards