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Backup Exec Quick Start Edition ( QSE )

Created: 03 Oct 2012 • Updated: 04 Oct 2012 • 8 comments
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Very often there are queries on the connect site related to BE Quick Start Edition.

This blogs explains what all and what not is included in the QSE.


BE Quick Start Edition is a cut down version of Backup Exec. QSE is shipped by Tape Drive manufaturers

along with the hardware.This edition is useful only for a small setup like a single server with a tape drive.

For larger setup full version of BE will be required. For media server OS compatibility refer to Backup Exec

Software compatibility list.

 Features Included in QSE:

  • Can be used to backup only standalone server (server on which QSE is installed)
  • QSE can backup to a disk as well as to a tape
  • Supports DLO ( 5 Desktop & Laptops only)
  • With LEO multiple tape drives can be added to the library.

 Limitation of QSE:

  • Cannot backup remote servers
  • Cannot backup any application like SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, Oracle, SAP etc.
  • Cannot backup any UNIX \ Linux OS.
  • Cannot enable any options like Deduplication, CASO-MMS, SSO etc.
  • Apart from LEO no other agent or option can be enabled in this edition.

 Quick Start Edition can be converted into a full version of BE by simply installing BE Core Product (media server)

 license. There is no need to uninstall existing setup. Upon installing the license key all the features which are

 included in  the license will be enabled. Additional Agents & Options can be enabled too by installing appropriate

 license key.

 Note: By default advance features like Policy based backups and Encryption are not enabled.

          You need to manually enable these features  In BE console, click on Tools -> Options -> Preferences ->

          "Full-show all available features of BE"

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Can you please tell me whether the Symantec BEXEC Starter Edition able to backup opened files in Windows system? Like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Specially Access and Outlook.

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AOFO is included in the Quick Start Edition. If you are not able to see AOFO in the Job Properties

than try below step. 

In BE console, click on Tools -> Options -> Preferences ->"Full-show all available features of BE"

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CrabbyShane's picture

Thank you for clearing this up.  Other posts regarding the QSE have been misleading.

For ex:

The accepted answer specifically states "encryption is not supported with the same. None of the options are available unless you upgrade to the full version of Backup Exec for Windows Servers"

This post should be corrected.

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I have BackupExec 12.5 Quick Start Edition.

I checked AFO checkoboxes for backup job ( on Win 2003 )  - but it doesnt work.

Error in log is :

AOFO: Your evaluation copy of the Advanced Open File Option has expired. To obtain a license for the Open File Option product, contact your Backup Exec solution provider. The backup will continue with out using the Advanced Open File Option.

So is AFO actually included in Quick Start or no , cause I am a bit of confused?



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Is symantec quick start available through distribution?

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Check with the sales team

For Contact info refer to

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Can be 2014 QSE use to backup LUN attached to the server through a Fibre Channel connection?

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