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Backup Exec Usability - Feature Spotlight: Customized filtering capabilities

Created: 20 Jun 2012 • Updated: 28 May 2014
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Did you know that Backup Exec 2012 has filtering capabilities that allow you to customize your views?

Sorting and filtering is not a new concept to Backup Exec, but in Backup Exec 2012 you can customize server and storage views and save them to use whenever you like.  Here’s how it works: in many of the tabs, your data is represented in a table with columns and rows. You have the ability to add, remove and change the order of the columns, and you can sort and filter your data to see what you want in the order that you want. You can save that view so that each time you switch tabs or reopen Backup Exec, your view remains the same. Backup Exec comes preconfigured with several views, and it’s easy to switch from the default view to a preconfigured view, or to one of your customized views.

I’ll walk you through how you can save your customized filter configuration and how to turn off the filters after they are applied. In this example, I’ll change the view in the Servers list. Remember that you can also apply customized views in the Storage list.

On the Backup and Restore tab, in the Views Group, click Sort and Filter.

To select a preconfigured view, such as Servers with Hyper-V, click Configurations and then choose a view.

After you select a view, you will see that the Servers list changes to match your selection.

To create a customized filter configuration, click Sort and Filter and configure the sort order, filters, and columnsI’ll walk you through the steps.

To configure the sort order, click the Sort and Filter button then click Sort. You can sort on multiple levels of criteria.

To further refine what you see, you can apply a filter. Click the Sort and Filter button and then click Filter.  You can apply more than one filter.

To add, remove or change the order of columns that you see in the view, click the Sort and Filter button and then click Columns.  

Choose the columns that you want to display and then select the order in which they appear.

After you apply filters, define the sort order, and select the columns to display, you can save all of those settings and use them whenever you want. Click the Sort and Filter button and then click Save.  When you save the view, provide a name for it and review all of the filters you applied to ensure that your configuration is exactly how you want it. Click OK to save the definition.

In the following example, I’ve named my filter “Customized Filter”. You can name it anything that has meaning to you.

After you save your customized filter, the name of your filter appears in the area below the ribbon. This way, you always know when a filter has been applied. You can easily clear the filter and return to the default view by clicking Default Configuration.

To reapply a saved filter, click the Sort and Filter button, select Configurations and then select your customized filter, which you will find at the bottom of the menu under Custom.

I hope the ability to customize your views and save them helps you in your day-to-day activities using Backup Exec 2012.