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Backup Exec Usability - Feature Spotlight: Fitting more servers into the Servers list

Created: 31 Jul 2012 • Updated: 28 May 2014
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Did you know- In Backup Exec 2012 you can customize your Backup and Restore view to fit more servers into the Servers list?

There are two ways you can customize the view under the Backup and Restore tab:

  • Collapse the toolbar
  • Modify your view to Compact

Collapsing the toolbar

By collapsing the toolbar, you free up vertical space which allows you to view more servers in the Backup and Restore view.

To collapse the toolbar, place your mouse cursor in an empty space in the tab row, and then right-click.

Select Auto Hide Toolbar and the toolbar disappears.

When the toolbar is collapsed, you can still access it by hovering over where the toolbar bar previously appeared (on the line below the main tabs). Once you move your mouse cursor away from the toolbar, it disappears again.

Collapsing the toolbar is a global feature, so if you collapse the toolbar in one view, it collapses in all of the views.

To turn the toolbar back on, follow the same steps. Place your mouse cursor below the main tabs to display the toolbar,  right-click, and then clear the checkbox next to Auto Hide Toolbar.

Compacting the view

Still want to see more servers in the Backup and Restore view? By changing the Views setting from Standard to Compact, you can fit more servers in the Backup and Restore view. The Compact view changes a couple of things.

  • The icons and fonts are smaller
  • Descriptive text and graphical information is removed. For example, text for the days of the week on the Last Seven Days of Backup Jobs graphic does not display.

You still see critical information like alerts, status updates, backup information, etc.

To enable the Compact view, on the Backup and Restore tab, in the Views group, select Compact

Compare this to what you see in the Standard view, and you’ll see that you can see a lot more servers at a glance.

View settings are not global, you can customize each tab in Backup Exec to the view that you prefer.

I hope that this information on customizing your views was helpful,  and that it helps you better manage your servers.