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BackupExec 2012 Hotfix 201596 update warning - loss of storage

Created: 27 Mar 2013 • 13 comments
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Backup Exec 2012 v14.0 Rev 1798 (64Bit)

Problem:  I used live update to install the 201596 hotfix on my CAS last week.  The update showed successful, but after the reboot there were problems.  The following three services were set to disabled after the reboot, Backup Exec Deduplication Engine, Backup Exec Deduplication Manager and PostgreSQL Server 8.3.  Also, all disk storage was missing (Local Backup to Disk Storage, Local Deduplication Storage and Network Disk Storage).  Only tape storage remained.

Troubleshooting: I tried to add a disk storage location back and re-catalog the sets, but that operation failed with a duplicate key error.  I deleted that disk storage and then was unable to see it as a storage location choice to add again.

I uninstalled the hotfix through the windows 2008 R2 uninstall utility.  The storage was still gone.  I reapplied and the hotfix with no change.  Those three services were automatically set to disabled on each uninstall and install of the hotfix.

Resolution:  I uninstalled the hotfix and recovered the sql database to the last backup before the 201596 hotfix.  All of my storage returned.  I can only conclude that the hotfix deleted my disk storage information from the database.

Some server agents acted strangely, but I've since been able to resolve those issues.

I'm sorry that it took me a week to post this, but this 2012 version depresses me.  I used to do more than deal with backups before BE2012.  I didn't see anyone else post about this kind of thing happening for this hotfix, so maybe it doesn't matter.

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...if this isn't added to the Known Issues section, then I'd suggest contacting an Admin to see if this can be investigaed further, as it can/will most likely impact many others.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Stipriaan's picture

We seem to have the same problem, since this morning our dedupe store is gone.

After a reboot of the server, all 3 mentioned services were disabled.

When we try to install the hotfix the updater crashes.

With the dedupe store down all backups scheduled for tonight will fail.

Calling Symantec now to get this resolved.

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I have the same problem for the last 2 hours.

2 Dedup services and the PostgreSQL services were stopped with Disable StartUp type.

Deduplication storage into BackupExec console appears offline.

Although HF 201596 has been installed a couple of days ago and since then I had no issues, today I  add a new maintenance contract licenses and after BE services restart the problem occured.

I open a case with Symantec and waiting for their help I put all jobs on hold

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I just set up a BE3600 appliance and installed the licenses and maintenance contracts. Boom, dedup storage gone.

Services automatically goes to Disabled when I try to start them through the BE inteface. Dammit!

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We had the same problems. Dedup-Store was gone, Services were set to diabled, the B2D-Folder had the initial name.
We readded the dedup-store, after inventory everything works fine. We opened a call but they wanted us to unistall and install the hotfix again but we didn't wanted to do the process again. The inventory job ran about 15 hours...
Please Symantec, release a hotfix as soon as possible!!!

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Morning all, having the exact same issue. Has anyone heard anything back from Symantec?

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i had the same issue at one of our customers.

The issue seems to be only after all the updates are installed, and then made a managed backup exec server.

the moment you make it part of CASO the problem comes up.

How I got it resolved.

  • remove the backup exec server from caso
  •  disable firewall and restart server
  • search the registery for any reference to caso, made by the sql. delete them.
  • change all the services thats disabled to automatic.
  • run repair of the sql database via the BEUtil.exe
  • start the services of backup exec and run the storage configuration utility.
  • create the dedupe storage with exactly the same name again.
  • the services will start again. and youll be able to use the storage.

The only issue, the data thats on the storage, I cant retrieve, luckily its a new unit with test data.

SYMANTEC seriously needs to look into this problem as its making a real bad name for this product!!!!! and im not the only one having this issue!!

Thank you .

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Mike55's picture

Thanks for the information.  It’s a different situation, but could be the same flaw in the update.  I started the update process on the CASO as required.  The failure started there.

There are so many problems with this product, but the greatest by far is RELIABILTY!.  You may want to avoid using a CASO all together if you can.  Having every unstable server linked together can make it very difficult to get everything working at the same time.  For example:  It took me 4 hours to recover a virtual machine last week.  The backup set was located on a managed server.  I went through the process of creating a restore job on the CASO, clicked on the final step and it kept processing and never sent the job.  I rebooted and tried again, same thing.  I rebooted and was going to build the job on the managed server, but the most recent backups were missing from the restore choices.  I went to the CASO and they were now missing there to.  I attempted to inventory and catalog the storage location {an insanely long process for disk storage (sometimes I sit here making robot arm motions and sounds as if I had a 30 year old room sized robotic tape library instead of a fast disk array when BE is cataloging, indexing or "loading/unloading" media)} thinking that the set might then be visible in the restore once again.  Some more reboots of everything mixed in.  I finally was forced to copy the backup set to a fresh install of BE2012 and recover from there.  I’m just glad I had a copy of the backup set on disk and not just in the dedupe.  There’s no easy way to copy sets out of that when the software decides to stop working.

Of course I’m still at Rev 1798.  I’ve been waiting for the release of SP2 to make it worth trying to upgrade again.

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jploui's picture

i found the cause why i lost storage.

Its the way I add my server to caso, the sequence of events.

The moment you setup the appliance, I installed the agents, to get down time to reboot them.

Then I added my appliance to my CASO environment.

At that point you will loose your deduplication storage on the local machine MBES server.

Theres no way of getting it back, (havent tried symantec support, but they nowhere to be found on these posts..)

I tried a different approach with the new appliance install, first setup, then add it to caso, and share storage and the add the agents. works perfect. storage intact.

Theres definitely a bug in the system. its just for symantec to come to the party now!!!

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Forol's picture

Just I have the same issue and working already a couple of days with Symantec support for solving it.

When we will have a solution, I will post it or ask the technician to publish a technote.

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When you say that you have the same problem, did you just update to 201596 and lost your storage right away or did you just lose your storage and assume that it’s due to 201596?  I guess I’m trying to ask how much time was there between installing 201596 and losing your storage.  It’s been months since this update was released.

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I was reviewing today and I realized that the hotfix that I’m at, 199190, was removed from download and replaced with 201596.  The reason for the removal was “This hotfix was removed due to an isolated issue found at the install time”.  I can’t say that this problem is related, but it makes me wonder.  I think I will uninstall 199190 before trying to update to sp2, if it is released.

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Forol's picture

Hi there

We installed BE 2012 SP2 on both appliances. In the beginning everything was running fine until we had to run a factory reset on the MMS. Afterwards it was not possible to get the dedup store back.

With the Symantec support we tried to do several work through, but non of these tries was the solution.
The figured out, that the problem is within the databases.

After we recovered both Backup Exec 2012 databases (new empty db's) and reconfigured the CAS/MMS function, the DEDUP stores were still there.

Solution until a fix is available:

- Export all jobs with the following technote:

- Recover DBs on CAS/MMS from scratch

- Reconfigure the base in the BE 2012 CAS/MMS settings

- Import the existing DEDUP store, that you do not lose the backup sets for restore and run an inventory

- Import all exported jobs with the above mentionned technote

That was our solution for the moment.



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