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Bank of America deploys Extended Validation SSL

Created: 19 May 2008 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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Bank of America, the world's third largest company has deployed EV SSL on its personal banking site. And you may have noticed that HSBC has done the same thing. That matters because HSBC is the largest company in the world according to Forbes. And JP Morgan Chase is the fourth largest, which is noteworthy considering that Chase also recently deployed EV. So, three of the four largest companies in the world are protecting their customers with Extended Validation SSL. All the way down at number nine we see ING Group, which has EV SSL on its ING Direct sites. So that makes it the four largest banks in the world using EV SSL.

When you look at these facts together, I dare to venture that the Bank of America deployment marks the crossing of a threshhold. We've crossed over from the era where EV SSL represents a potential advantage for businesses and into an era where it is expected and the lack of EV SSL is a disadvantage. The market leaders have embraced it in an unambiguous way. Customers will quickly learn to see it as a minimum requirement, for those who haven't already. That means we're out of the early adopter part of the adoption curve and into the mainstream.

Where is your business on this curve?