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BE System Recovery 2010: No migration from Manager!?

Created: 21 Nov 2009 • Updated: 24 Nov 2009 • 3 comments
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So, like you perhaps already know, the new version of Backup Exec System Recovery got released; Backup Exec System Recovery 2010. Some things changed, that are really important. For example the Manager no longer exists. This solution got replaced by Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution.
I do not want to give a summary of the differences or pros and contras, I only want to talk about one fact that, in my opinion, is a absolute disaster:
If I'm not wrong (and I really searched all the information to this issue) you will not be able to migrate your storage destinations, jobs, schedules and so on from the Manager into the Management Solution. This means, that you will have to re-create you whole backups again!
Why in the world is that not possible? I already know customers of ours who will definitely go crazy.
The only information I found is, that you can migrate from BESR Solution to BESR Management Solution. Alright, great. So where is the difference and why is it only possible from this product? And the most important: What is BESR Solution?
Ok, what does Symantec's Website say about it?:
"Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Solution 8.5 is a highly scalable solution designed to add rapid Windows backup and recovery to the new Symantec Management Platform (formerly known as Altiris Notification Server). Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5 enables administrators to meet strict recovery time objectives by recovering systems in minutes, even to dissimilar hardware." (full text)
Ok, things get clearer now, because both are based on Altiris Notification Server, migration from BESR Solution to BESR Management Solution is possible. This leads me to another idea...Is it possible to migrate from BESR Manager into BESR Solution?
After all, everybody using the Manager and willing or wanting to migrate to 2010 will be forced to re-create their whole backup configuration.
Here is what Symantec's website tells us about it:
"Customers that transition from Backup Exec System Recovery Manager 8.5 to Backup Exec System Recovery Management Solution 2010 will not need to 'start over' from a backup perspective; they will still be able to use and recover data from existing backups (recovery points)." (full text)
I am sorry to tell that there is no alternative. If anybody knows one - let us know!

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I hope the following will prove useful:

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Thanks for the information.
In fact, this document confirms, that user will have to re-create the whole backup jobs, policies, and so on...

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That is rediculous that you can't somehow import the jobs. They have to stop releasing beta products that are considered full releases. This road is never ending with them. Now having to retrain on the same product takes away a lot of time. Time to look at Acronis.

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