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BE2NBU "Backup Exec to NetBackup"

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Created: 25 Mar 2014 • Updated: 28 May 2014
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Over the last several years we’ve made an effort to better understand the day-to-day jobs of the IT administrator.  Some of the key lessons uncovered the increase in demands to protect more data with longer retention periods within the same backup window.  Our response is to assure our customers that we will continue to provide the ability to migrate and expand their trusted Backup and Recovery solution.

BE2NBU is a migration tool designed to help partners and customers transition from a BE environment to an NBU environment.  This tool was created to enable our consultants to help customers who have outgrown their Backup Exec environment.  BE2NBU saves time and removes the manual process typically associated with transitioning to NetBackup. 

BE Server Consolidation.pngThe tool makes it easy and will:

  • Migrate existing Backup Exec Job's / policies.
  • Push the NBU client to the systems you want to protect.
  • Optionally, consolidate your existing Backuip Exec environment to a single Media Server

BE2NBU provides a path to transition existing BE customers to NBU to:

  • Increase scalability
  • Meet new technical and business requirements
  • Improve customer performance standards

Identification of customers is based on meeting criteria for migration and dependent on the specific scenarios of each customer.  This is a case-by-case consideration and driven by a certified partner and consultant.

BE2NBU will assist organizations in migrating from Backup Exec to NetBackup if the need arises.  The product is finalizing development and in RTM stage, completing test, and preparing for a customer pilot from February to July 2014.

The service will be delivered by a Symantec consultant or a trained Symantec consulting partners.  This is not a direct-to-consumer product.

The migration service includes using BE2NBU to:

  • Install NetBackup clients to BE protected clients
  • Migrate backup policies from Backup Exec to the NetBackup environment
  • Can be used to consolidate an existing Backup Exec environment to a single media server “BE Recovery Server” (BERS) for recovering customer data from existing BE backup images.
    • Catalogs and data will be migrated to the Central Admin Server, which will become the BERS upon completion
    • After consolidation, BERS should only be used for restore purposes.
  • After consolidation, all BE media servers that were consolidated would be available for redeployment as NBU Media Servers or other function.


  • BE 2010R3 with Central Admin Server (CAS)
  • Any additional BE 2010 servers must be or become Managed Backup Exec Servers
  • Disk space plan on the CAS since planned data on BE media servers move to one CAS
  • The Adobe Reader is required to be installed on the BE CAS for build-in documentation
  • NetBackup 7.5.x/7.6.x master server installed (or NB appliance 2.5.x/2.6.x)

With over 20 Symantec internal consultants already trained, the BE2NBU Product Team is begining to roll out the BE2NBU pilot program now.  If you are interested in learning more about or have an opportunity that you'd like to discuss, please reach out to us directly via email BE2NBU_Team

You can also learn more by contacting any of Symantec Partners for more information.

Want to learn more about NetBackup and how it can help your business as your data continues to grow?  Please visit Symantec Education and e-Learning for NetBackup, Backup Exec and BE2NBU Tool

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