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Behind the Scenes At A Symantec Photo Shoot

Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014 • 1 comment
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We had an exciting opportunity to manage and Art Direct a two-day photo shoot this past week. The shoot included several locations around the Symantec Mountain View campus, and at a local residence. Our goal was to mimic natural settings - coffee shops, corporate offices, home offices - and interactions between the models.

Staging shot and adjusting lighting for outdoor scene

Based on the brand direction and what we wanted the photography to communicate, our team developed the shot list. We planned out each shot with a description of the scene, location of the shot, number of models in each scene, wardrobe the models would wear, and any props to be used. We selected versatile, multi-ethnic, and mixed gendered models to fit each scene we designed. And with the locations, photographer, models, stylist, hair & makeup artist, and props secured, we were ready to go.

We got an early start on the day with the crew and talent arriving on-schedule to start prepping. The weather was exceptionally great that day, and we were lucky to have a gorgeous campus as a backdrop. The shade from the palm trees along with the natural light from the clear day provided perfect lighting.

The shoot executed against and followed the well-planned shot list. Early shots featured a pre-determined mix of models engaging casually over coffee. Other settings included business meetings in a conference room, a business lunch meeting, server room shots, and casual lobby conversations. There was also a day of shooting at a beautiful home in the area. The models were outfitted in solid, bright colors along with a mix of the latest tech gadgets comprising of laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The photographer and his crew focused on lighting and capturing alternate shots while directing the models with ease.

Adjusting the angles for shot

Getting scene and models set for conference room shot

It was definitely a great experience on the front lines of a photo shoot. Much like creating design mockups, a photo shoot is an iterative creative process. Once you actually see the attire on the models or the scene setup, you may actually adjust it on-the-spot by repositioning elements, adding or removing items, etc. All of the hard work from participating parties resulted in customized photos we can use in our branding and marketing campaigns on the web and elsewhere. Thanks to everyone who made this day a success.

To see more behind the scenes coverage of the photo shoot, check out our Design Flickr account.

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