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The Best Practices Recommended by Microsoft in Creation of a Package

Created: 11 Nov 2008 • Updated: 11 Nov 2008 • 1 comment
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The following are the best practices recommended by Microsoft in creation of a package. It's a good list to keep handy.

  1. Match Components in previous versions of the .MSI
  2. Add all executable files to their own components
  3. Add all .TLB Files to their own components
  4. Group Matching .HLP and .CNT Files together
  5. Group Matching .CHM and .CHI Files together
  6. Put registry keys associated with files or components in matching component
  7. Put Current user registry keys in their own component
  8. Put non-Current User registry keys in their own component
  9. Group all non-executable files to their own component
  10. Name new non-advertised shortcuts by destination directory
  11. Group non-keypath resources by resource type
  12. Create new components for resources not matching other criteria

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Similar techtip has been posted already on juice.

Check this link for other general related info.,

Also read below for File versioning rules:

Highest Version Wins -- All other things being equal, the file with the highest version wins, even if the file on the computer has the highest version.

Versioned Files Win -- A versioned file gets installed over a nonversioned file.

Favor Product Language -- If the file being installed has a different language than the file on the computer, favor the file with the language that matches the product being installed. Language-neutral files are treated as just another language so the product being installed is favored again.

Mismatched Multiple Languages -- After factoring out any common languages between the file being installed and the file on the computer, any remaining languages are favored according to what is needed by the product being installed.
Preserve Superset Languages -- Preserve the file that supports multiple languages regardless of whether it is already on the computer or is being installed.

Nonversioned Files are User Data -- If the Modified date is later than the Create date for the file on the computer, do not install the file because user customizations would be deleted. If the Modified and Create dates are the same, install the file. If the Create date is later than the Modified date, the file is considered unmodified, install the file.

Microsoft MVP [Setup-Deploy]

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