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BEWS 2010 R3 working with RDX - Fails

Created: 18 Jul 2012 • 1 comment
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Since October 2011, (9 months) I have had recurring issues which has now resulted in BEWS completely failing to backup.

I have a relatively simple system, primarily a file server, (no Exchange) with a backup set of 400GB, on a 1000GB HP RDX.

Initially (since Symantec withdrew cascading tape drives) and I had to change the system, it worked perfectly, then October last year the problems started.

The correction process has been appalling, with it me putting in more time in providing data and running WebEx's than the engineers.

After a number of first line engineers "played," with no success only to create more issues, I managed to get it escalated, in the hope of some intelligence being applied.

After an initial success which took about 5 months, BEWS is now down (9 hours to do 120GB, when previously that would have done the full backup)

Tech response has been reactive rather than proactive, and I get the distinct impression no-one can be bothered.

Given the comments on BEWS 2012 I am not Symantec? 

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Final para should read:

Given the commenst on BEWS 2012, I am not upgrading to create yet another Symantec potential disaster area. 

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