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Netting Out NetBackup

Is Big Data too Big to be Backed Up?

Created: 12 Apr 2013
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Big Data is an emerging, evolving technology. It’s the new thing holding the promise to help make sense of the terabytes, petabytes, and exabytes of data being generated. In today’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week information driven economy, how can they quickly find and extract those key strategic nuggets of data to make their business more agile, make better business decisions, and give them that next competitive advantage?

Big Data today, as expressed by many, is simply the daily challenge virtually every enterprise IT organization faces when managing the protection of exploding data growth within shrinking backup windows, growing compliance requirements, and working hard to transform their data centers. Whether it’s growing multi-terabyte databases, data warehouse appliances bursting at the seams, or simply 100s of millions, or billions of files that need both fast protection and recovery, big data is Big

Data and in its many forms and applications, needs to be protected.

But like any amount of information, what is deemed necessary to back up?  How much of it do you need to protect? Can you even back it up?

Come to Symantec Vision 2013 in Las Vegas the week of April 15th, and in our session “Is Big Data too Big to be Backed Up”, we will challenge school of thought saying this is not possible, and will show how the NetBackup platform can help you secure all of the data, regardless of the volume, velocity and variety. Watch demonstrations to see increased performance, lower cost and simplified backup of large data sets. In addition, hear about NetBackup being the first backup vendor certified for backing up SAP HANA, an In Memory Database (IMDB) appliance capable of ultra-high performance for real-time analytics, generating large amounts of data that need protection.

The session time is:

  • Tuesday April 16th at 5:00-6:00pm PST

For more details on this session and others, please visit our Vision Session site at:

Symantec Vision 2013 Session Search Catalog

Action Plan:

  1. This week:  Attend our session
  2. 30 days:  Stay tuned for collateral and information about what’s coming in NetBackup 7.6.  Look for our new collateral on our new 5030 and 5230 appliances available May 6th   
  3. 60 days: Engage your Symantec Sales and Specialist teams for discussions and lunch and learns around how NetBackup for SAP HANA can benefit your Big Data strategy.

Not attending Vision?  There’s still time to register here:

More Information on NetBackup 7.5: