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Big Enterprise Vault Databases?

Created: 03 Oct 2013 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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I was thinking the other day about upgrades, and how the size of the Enterprise Vault databases can impact the length of time it takes to do an upgrade. Some people might wonder why it impacts the upgrade duration, but, remember that an Enterprise Vault upgrade consists of:

- New binaries

- Database changes

Often those database changes are not just a new table here, or a new table there.  There might be new columns, or changes to columns, or new indices and so on.  All of these sort of operations take time, and they take more time if the amount of data in the database is greater. Symantec have information in their 10.0.4 Upgrade Instructions suggesting that if the databases are large, that SQL can be changed to simple recovery mode, and then changed back after the upgrade.  

For me though, the question would be how big is big? I mean at what sort of size of Directory, Fingerprint or Vault Store database should I consider going down the route suggested by the guide?