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Biomni Service Catalog Implementation Tips

Created: 02 Aug 2010 • Updated: 02 Aug 2010 • 1 comment
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Hello, we have been very excited by working in the Symantec community, I would like to share some tips for implementations by existing Symantec users of the Biomni Service Catalog solution ( for end users and customers wishing to both understand IT service offerings available to them and to raise requests against those services.

Tip1 - Underestimate the amount of time you require for training on Biomni applications! We have found that anyone who can administrate the Symantec tool suite can 'learn' how to administrate biomni very quickly, typically after only a couple of hours clients have been off and building. The entire configuration is carried out through an intuitive UI, so there’s no programming involved and your biomni consultant is always at the end of the phone to help with any questions.

Tip2 - Document functional processes not how you think it should appear on screen! We have been delighted that every time we have turned up to implement our solution we have been presented with fully documented processes, however sometimes these have gone into too much detail with mock screen shots which detail how the screens should be laid out/interacted with. Bear in mind that a biomni consultant is combat trained for turning up and being presented with an existing paper form and perhaps a few names to discuss the process with. So please, please continue to concentrate on documenting the process from a business functional view but don't worry about how it will be mapped to the application - that’s the easy bit.

Tip3 - It’s an Iterative process! The biomni solution is very easy to configure and reconfigure/amend, it’s been designed that way as that’s the way forms and their process are easiest to manage and optimize. Don't spend hours configuring the form, spend minutes and then spend the rest of the time reviewing this with your stakeholders and getting their buy-in, once they see what’s available they will probably come up with their own ideas on how to improve things. As we always say when people ask us how long it will take to configure a request in biomni, “a lot less time than it took you to define your process in the first place”.

Tip4 - Be prepared for a Quick Implementation! Many of our Symantec clients so far have overestimated the resource and time required to implement our solution, which is always the best way to be, however don't be put off using our solution because you think you don't have the resources’.

To sum up we have found the Symantec community to be an ideal area to work in for us. All the clients we have met have been focused, knowledgable  and very organised, and we look forward to more implementaions in the future.

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I would very much like to hear of any other tips that clients may have found, maybe I have missed something, I am always happy to learn.

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