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Blanket Searching in Enterprise Vault 11.0

Created: 13 Jul 2014
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Often when looking at test labs and data in mailboxes including data that has been archived by Enterprise Vault you need to perform blanket searches. This often helps verify that Enterprise Vault is alive and listening to your requests. How you do this has changed a tiny bit with Enterprise Vault 11.0.

In Enterprise Vault 10.0.4, for example, you do the following:

1/ Click on Search

2/ Wait for the integrated search page to load

3/ Click on 'Search'

4/ And the results would come back, like this:


In Enterprise Vault 11.0 if you do that nothing happens. Instead in Enterprise Vault 11.0 you have to use an asterix to perform the search like this:


Then the search will  begin:


And you'll get the results:


It's a little confusing at first, especially if you're used to working with the older versions of Enterprise Vault as well. The new way does make more sense, once you get used to it.