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Blogging vs Forums

Created: 17 Jun 2009 • 3 comments
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I’m new to the etiquette of online forums and blogs. Can anyone provide me a quick rundown? Are there any guidelines on what kind of topics are suitable for Blogs or Forums?


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Articles   - Backed up by SOLID facts... complete wih figures and links...
Blogs      - personal touch like how was the office... your thoughts..
Forums  -Issues and problems you wish to get a solution...


Nel Ramos

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This post should also help explain the difference between a blog and an article.   Hope this helps.

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Great question - we also try to help move content from one area to another if we, as the community managers, notice it would receive more "engagement" or interaction in another area.  I'll speak for the community managers and mention we generally will move content for a user, then PM the user alerting them where they may want to consider posting in the future + the URL to where we actually moved the information.  That way you can continue to track the topic based on the new area-URL (forum, blog, etc).

Send us a PM if you have any questions!


check out the community at

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