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Blue Screen of Death Top 10

Created: 15 Dec 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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Here is a funny list of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) , I found this Top 10 in a old article, but I am sure that is still interesting for anyone interesting in these issues, starting from Windows 1.0, Windows 3.1 , etc.

Take a look the following link and evaluate the best picture : Blue Screen of Death Top 10  

Here is the Top 10 :

1 - Blue screen of Death on a subway car.
2 - Blue Screen of Death in New York City
3 - Blue Screen of Death has finally come to Macintosh!
4 - Blue screen of Death at an airport.
5 - Fidelity gets a visit from the Blue Screen of Death.
6 - Blue Screen of Death in airports.
7 - World Famous Windows 98 Blue Screen of Death. at COMDEX, April 20th, 1998. 
8 - Not only are Macintosh laptops getting this great Blue Screen of Death upgrade!
9 - Public phone and Internet portal systems receive visits from the Blue Screen of Death.
10 - The Original Blue Screen of Death in Windows 1.0! The origins of the blue screen....


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