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Identity and Authentication Services

Breaking News: Announcing the latest Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service Release

Created: 04 Feb 2012 • Updated: 04 Sep 2012
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The News

On January 31st, Symantec released a new version of Symantec™ Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP) (formerly VeriSign® Identity Protection Authentication Service) into production. As Symantec VIP is a cloud-based service, this new release is available to customers everywhere, effective immediately.

The Primary Themes of the Release

Symantec™ VIP Intelligent Authentication and Registered Computer

  • Simplified generation of VIP integration code for VPN. The VIP Manager policies for IA and RC now provide the option to easily generate the VIP integration code to include in your application's sign-in page.

VIP Manager Policy Configuration

  • Redesigned VIP Policy Configuration page. VIP policies have been reorganized for improved usability.
  • VIP Intelligent Authentication. VIP Manager now provides the following additional options for the IA policy:
    - Designate countries with increased risk for user sign-in attempts.
    - Designate IP addresses that are always accepted (white-listed) or always blocked (black-listed) for user sign-in attempts.
  • VIP credentials and other credential types. Select specific VIP hardware and software credentials for your users, and optionally select other supported credential types (Registered Computer, SMS text, Voice call).

VIP Manager End User Management

  • Aggregate reporting of VIP Intelligent Authentication activity. Generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports that capture user sign-in activity, as well as distribution of risk scores and sign-in challenges.
  • Transactional reporting of VIP Service operations. Generate details of specific VIP Service operations within a selected date range.