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Broken Trust II: another victim on Facebook

Created: 25 Feb 2009 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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A quick update on the Broken Trust: when a criminal becomes your friend on Facebook story I posted a few days ago: as it turns out, it sounds like there are more victims of this scam other than my friend Beny and his friend Bryan. As you can see from this WPIX report Eileen Rodriguez also had her facebook account broken into and her friend Shaila lost $650 when she wired money to someone that she thought was her distressed friend.

Interesting to note that scam details were similar and the destination account was in the UK in both cases, which hints at the possibility that both scams were perpetrated by the same people. More troublesome was that Beny's case happened in Jan whereas Eileen's, according to WPIX, happened on Feb 8th which may show that Facebook was not able to block the attackers even after they got notice of the first incident.

The public tally so far is: 2 Facebook identities stolen, 2 friends scammed and $1793 stolen. I suspect there could be more, leave a comment here if you know of anyone else that may have been victimized by this scam.