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BUE License Key: Data Not available

Created: 13 Dec 2010
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It is a common scenario that a customer will call because they did not receieved the license key (esp. for BUE) after renewing the maintenance and register it on the license portal.

After the registration, it says that Data not Available for the license key.

Maintenance are being renewed each year for free technical support assistance and free of charge upgrades.

Once the maintenance expired, a customer is still license to use the software however, he was unable to avail the other benefits.

How to get the license key:

Renewal Serial number is also for the maintenance and will not generate the license key of the product. One must process the upgrade in the license portal in order to do that.

One can also call customer service, to get the license key as well as the notification ID for the upgrade.

In addition to that, one can also process the license key directly on the license portal.


Obtaining Activation for a Version Upgrade

Version upgrades require an Upgrade Notification ID. The Upgrade Notification ID is located in the upgrade notification, which is sent by email or physical mail. The information that is required to complete an upgrade varies, based on the product.

When you upgrade a product license, note the following conditions:

• You can upgrade those licenses the current portal user owns or shares.
• You can upgrade licenses that do not have a portal owner (unregistered licenses).
• When you upgrade unregistered licenses, you become the portal owner.

Steps for Obtaining Activation for a Version Upgrade

> On the Symantec Licensing Portal home page, click Version Upgrade.

> On the Version Upgrade page, type the Upgrade Notification ID, and then click View Upgrades. The Upgrade Notification ID is located in the Upgrade Notification, which is sent by email. If you do not have an Upgrade Notification ID, click Help at bottom of the page to view available upgrade notifications for your account.

>On the Upgrade Product Selection page, next to the product description, click Upgrade to continue with the upgrade process. If all upgrades are complete, you can still view a list of the upgraded licenses and owners.

>On the Upgrade License Selection page, in the Select column, check the individual licenses to upgrade, and then click Upgrade.

>On the License Information Verification page, provide all required information. Some information may automatically appear, based on existing license registration information.

> When all information is accurate, click Complete Registration.

> Your new version serial numbers and license keys appear on the License Key Confirmation page.
If your product requires a Symantec License file (.slf file), click the license key file name to download the file. A software installation wizard will prompt you for a license file, if applicable.

> You may also consult your product implementation or installation guide to determine if your product requires a license file for activation.

(Optional) To download the new version software, click Get software.

Tip: When searching for all pending Version Upgrades, use the “Only License Keys with Available Updates” from the uppermost search menu to locate all licenses within your account that have pending upgrades.