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On bug chasing and the calm after the storm (do I hope?)

Created: 25 Nov 2009 • Updated: 25 Nov 2009
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Sigh... After a long week (and a half) of bug tracking I'm getting closer to see three serious [for my customer at least, which is all that matters] problems fixed (and released).

Hence the sigh of relief at the beginning.

Working on bug fixes with development is always very interesting and quite demanding. First it requires some commitment (I received and tested 6 versions of a dll, dissected and documented the test results and log files at a rate of one a day ~ sending feedback in the evening or at night to ensure I would receive a new dll with changes implemented the very next day). Then it requires patience, and sometimes a good dose on strong will (call me stubborn if you may ;). Patience because some issues are really good at hiding themselves, and you need to give them a real go to nail them down. Stubbornness because there's no let-go. The bug is there, and must be rooted out.

So we solved a thread synchronization problem on the Task Synch agent that was bugging down large sequential software delivery tasks (because of an external condition like a user log on we could have the same tasks scheduled to run concurrently and thus failing during dependency checks] with India.

Then we solved a tickle problem in the Software Portal with Estonia and also we solved a Package Delivery problem with Australia for my customer in South Africa.

Who said working from home could be boring or daunting? I feel like I'm traveling all the time. And at least my carbon emissions remain quite low :D.

A summary of what I looked at mst of the week.