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Identity and Authentication Services

Calling all developers!

Created: 07 Apr 2008 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012
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Say you've got a web application that you develop, and you want to provide your users a stronger form of authentication beyond a simple username and password. Or your users have been asking about two factor authentication, but actually implementing it never moves up on the priority list because your boss thinks it's too complicated, will require months of coding, and a giant new server farm to handle the extra authentication. Or you've got a PayPal Security Key or VIP Security Card and want to enable your own site to use it.

Welcome to the VIP Developer Test Drive!

Today we announced that we're making the API to the VIP Authentication Service freely available to developers to try out on their own. No salespeople to call, new servers to install, or paperwork - just fill out a simple web form and download. We'll give you the API documentation, SOAP WSDL, and access to your own little corner of our pilot web service.

Why are we doing this? Well, because almost every time we meet with a company's technical team, they start out skeptical -- integrating the VIP Authentication Service can't be as easy as we say it is. So we send them the API, they check it out, and then reply back, "You're right, it really is that easy." Now we're cutting out the middleman and letting you download it on your own.

We're also looking to see what ideas the developer community has for this technology. Through our experience with OATH, we've been amazed at the innovation that can happen when technology building blocks are just put out there available for anyone to use. So let us know what you think!

Now let me be clear: the Test Drive is designed for developers. There's no point and click GUI or fancy installer - it's a SOAP web services API. If you've ever written a web services client, it should be very straightforward. If you haven't, that's cool too -- we've got sample code for Java (using Apache Axis 1.4) and C# (using .NET 2.0) to get you started.

Check it out at Comments or questions? Comment below or email us at