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Calling ALL Vision & ManageFusion Alumni!

Created: 12 Mar 2010 • Updated: 19 May 2014 • 13 comments
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We’re looking to find those loyal customers and partners who have attended the most Vision and/or ManageFusion events. Of course, if you’re a Symantec employee or sponsor, that doesn’t count. We’ve got some very cool prizes up for grabs for those who participate in this contest! Here’s the details of what you should post in the comments below to be entered:

  • The years that you attended Vision and/or ManageFusion – give us the year and the location if you can remember that far back
  • Your favorite memory from those conferences – great keynotes, travel mishaps, favorite presenters, product launches, etc.
  • We’d really like to see any artifacts that you may still have from past Vision or ManageFusion conferences (program guides, lanyards, spiffs, etc. - any t-shirts in use from the last decade?) So, power up that camera and post a photo or two of your stuff! (To see how to upload an image, click here.)

 And even if you don’t think you’ve attended more than anyone else, you’ll want to submit your funniest memory and photos. Prizes will be involved!

Note: By posting your memory or photo, you give us permission to potentially use it during a Vision presentation.

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erikw's picture

My first manage Vision was in Malta. 2007. Very bad weather. It was raining all the week.

Very old busses, and most funny? When my collegeau stepped in the cab, the chauffeur smiled at him and told him that in Malta usually the driver drives the cab. Yep In Malta everybody is driving on the wrong side of the road.
It was also the manage fusion where I met one of my idols, Randy Cook or as most people know him,
Mister SVS.

Great to meet people like him.

In 2008 I attended manage Fusion twice.
First in Las Vegas and second in The Hague.
Las Vegas was a great show. The conference was helt in the Mirage, and there was a lot of fun. It was also my first visit in Vegas, and i looked at everything and tried to see as much as possible.
The hague was a good show. Very much people from Europe attended the show and it gave some time to speak to Dutch customers.

In 2009 there was only one vision show and that was helt in vegas.
In the MGM grand hotel. Great location and really looking forward to be in Vegas again.

That year instead of going alone, I took my wife with me and while at the show, she spend some time shopping and looking around vegas.
Cool, they got some old pinball machines. That are those moments that we feel young again. We plaid for over an hour enjoying these machines.
This is my wife enjoying the fountains at the Belagio and on the background you see Ceasars palace.

What's going to happen next?
Yes i will be at manageVision 2010 in Vegas and also in barcelona in fall. This year i will be a spreaker again on ManageVision and we wil do several packaging demo's in the Internet Lounge. Grab yourselves a beanbag and visit us in the lounge to see what we will doem to you and will learn you.
And as many Vision visitors already know, just let me know if you have questions about packaging and i will explain it to you and if possible will even show you how to do stuff.
Together with me and my wife (Yes, she is coming again with me) my collegaue Mike Jansen will be there with his girlfrined and he wil leave with his wife.
Mike is getting married in Vegas in the MGM wedding chapel on April 15th. Maybe Bear Grylls can teach him some survival tips for his wedding. Leslie Miller, can you arrange a private survival in youir marriage session for Mike?

See you all at Vision In vegas or barcelona.

Regards Erik Dinamiqs is the home of VirtualStorm (

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KSchroeder's picture

I attended my first ManageFusion in Las Vegas in April 2006 at Caesar's Palace as part of the Altiris Forum Advisors program (precursor the Trusted Advisor program), which was followed up with a "AFA Getaway" to Zion National Park in Utah (I'll have to post some of the pictures from there and Bryce Canyon which was incredible!)  I think our Sales guys are still paying for the dinner we had at The Palm restaurant!

The following October in 2006 I attended ManageFusion at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando (which was a very nice hotel, BTW), again as part of the Altiris Forum Advisors.  This time the AFA Getaway went to sea on a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas which was great (minus the choppy seas which prevented us from going to the Royal Carribean island).  We had a fun time at the reserved Superhero Island at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, which was a short boat ride from the hotel.

In April 2007 I attended ManageFusion in Las Vegas and presented a customer case study regarding our Recovery Solution environment with Rene Kolga, the Product Manager for Recovery Solution.

I had a vaction conflict with Fall MF in 2007 (though I was close by in DisneyWorld!) and skipped the following April in 2008, but returned to the JW Marriott in Orlando for Fall MF 2008.  Had a great time at this one too, in particular the dinner at Albert's at the Ritz Carlton and the night out at Sea World.  I'll have to figure out how to get the videos I took of "ManageThis!" off my phone and uploaded to Connect!

Finally, I was back in Vegas for the last ManageFusion in April 2009.  The party at the MGM's "Wet Republic" pool was great.

Some of the other highlights...

  • Greg Butterfield (former CEO of Altiris) being carried in to the opening keynote in 2007 on a royal litter like a Greek god (I heard the year before he rode in on a Harley)
  • Participating in the User Group Challenge (go STL User's Group!)
  • All the great and informative sessions and labs
  • Two words.... Steve Morton!

Symantec Trusted Advisor

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MBHarmon's picture

My first trip to ManageFusion was to Vegas in April of 2008. 
The trip started out on a very high note when during the Dell part on Monday, the KU Jayhawks won the national championship.
The entire week rocked and we had a blast.  Then at the end of the week during the final keynote they called up  some people to compete for the grand prize.  After carefully adding numbers attempting to guess the total price of a number of possible purchases (all that could be made with the $10,000 gift certificate). . .

I threw out my total and took a WAG

This was the result:

Yes I won.

I visited again the next year and saw the "final show" for ManageThis.  I'm glad to hear in true legendary rockband fashion they'll be back after that "final show"

As a side note, yes I still have that ugly orange shirt (much to my wife's displeasure)  and I still wear it regularly. 

- Matt

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setral's picture

My first trip to ManageFusion was MF07 in Orlando.
Monday night at the Dell Party at the Hard rock was awesome, it was great getting the rockstar treatment and then hanging out playing some Guitar Hero.
Followed up by using an online rubiks-cube solver to get a free pumpkin orange ipod shuffle from ITS.

For my first ManageFusion conference it was a blast, Especially with hanging out at Universal on Marvel Island for most of the night. And then seeing a friend Reed win the  Dell XPS 710, OfficeJet Pro L7680, 60" Plasma TV, Nindento Wii, and a Training Course and eLearning Voucher during the closing KeyNote.

My second trip to ManageFusion was MF08 in Orlando.
Monday night Dell Party for Monday Night Football was fun.
I'll be honest, I wasn't superthrilled about the JW Marriot location, but going to SeaWorld and watching the show, then playing the games. I spent most of the night at the water squirting game to win my kids some turtles. I LIKE TURTLES!
The Usergroup Challenge was a blast, if you look around you might find a photo of me chugging away at the "Refrigerator Roulette" thankfully ours was unsweeted lemonaid!
And it was awesome rocking out during the RockBand competition, woohoo!!!
While it was't anything like Reed or Matt came away with on their respective trips, I did walk away with an HP Netbook from one of the HP training sessions.

Sadly, no photos, I never thought about it to be honest!

Looking forward to Vision 2010 in Vegas, maybe I'll "forget" the camera again.

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Richard Pain's picture

I have been to all of the VISION Conferences starting with VERITAS User's Conference in 1997 where I spoke to all of the 300 persons in attendance at the Mirage. Then there were a couple of VeriCons in '98 and '99 before the name changed to VISION starting in 2000. 2001 was canceled since it was scheduled right after 9/11; then Dallas and Vegas and San Francisco and back to Vegas.

And there was the year in Anaheim and the night at Disneyland. Seems like I remember one in Phoenix, but my memory is fading and my pins don't mention the site.

 Oh well!!!

I did post a picture of all the pins on a blog note earlier today.

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Nicholas Joseph's picture

I can't say I remember one specific event at Vision that was hilarious.  I've been to so many vision conferences they are all blurred together. What I do remember is that my first Vision conference was also my first trip to Vegas.  I also remember a lot of us dancing on the wall next to the stage at Tao for the after party.  I nearly walked in and was hearded to a section that was reserved for Symantec's client's from Asia.  That could have been a disaster.

I have to say that I haven't been to a single Vision or Vision/Manage FusionConference that was not both fun and valuable.  I've walked away from each conference with so much information that Management expects me to go to the Vision Conferences each year.

Here's a link from 2008, one of the podcasts they did.  In retrospect I had no idea I could talk so long.

The user group challenges were always fun, I really liked the robot challenges...and you can't go wrong with the closing keynote being the blueman group, or Mythbusters.  Can't way to see what Bear Grylls has to say.

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Nickles's picture

I first attended Manage Fusion in 08. That first night has to be the best memory that i have from it. That year, the University of Kansas made it to the NCAA championship game against Kentucky. During the Dell party, my friend Matt and I didnt leave one of the plush leather couches. I was on the edge of my seat as the game went to overtime and ended with us winning the game. That was a great way to start off the week of what was a great conference. So the week started off great and then ended with my buddy Matt winning the conference grand prize for the conference.

I found a picture for Setral from one of his conferences. It turns out he is a ringer for the user group challenges when it comes to drinking anything!

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setral's picture

Don't forget.. I took only one mini-break during the Pina Colada drinking contest for the User Group Challenge.

1 pitcher, 5 people and 2 foot long straws. I think I was the only one not complaining of Brain Freeze ;)

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KSchroeder's picture

I also avoided the brain freeze, and I had 2 straws!  Well played though...

Symantec Trusted Advisor

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KSchroeder's picture

Who's the winner?  Sounds like Richard wins for most conferences attended!

Symantec Trusted Advisor

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setral's picture

I never saw... did they do anything for this?

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Selim Amor's picture

Hello all,

I never had the pleasure to attend another Managefusion other than EMEA.

The first one was simply a "bummer". Food, drinks, labs, everything was a dissaster.

I went since, to all Managefusion EMEA (except Malta).

Memories : Nice 2004 - the boat trip where senior staff of Altiris were sick.(Dwaine mostly).

Nice 2004 : an incredible party in a latin club so famous that it was mentionned during the closing keynote.

Cannes 2005 : Senior Staff Altiris concert next to the beach.

Hope to see you all in Barcelona.....

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TroyBauer's picture

I have been to over 6 different ManageFusions/Vision conferences over the years and my most memorable one was the year the our User Group one the very FIRST User Group Challenge (Twin Cities).  This was the only one that was actually based purely on knowledge of the product versus all the ones that have proceeded it which have all been about silly games.

Looking forward to taking the trophy back this year!!

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