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Can I automatically add an additional comment to a new incident?

Created: 06 Jul 2006 • Updated: 04 Jun 2007 • 3 comments
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Tony asked, "Is there a way to automatically add an additional comment to a new incident?"

Tony, you can automatically add comments to a new incident using an Incident Rule. Set up a new rule and in the "Set these properties" box add Comment and on the following page add WORKITEM(workitem_comment) to keep what has already been set and then insert whatever comment you wish to add. Set the When property to "Only when incident is new", make sure active is set, and save.

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Not exactly sure why you would want to though.

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you want to save time typing. For example, if the category is "Break-fix\Printer\Out of Toner", the asset is "Sharp 12345", and the location is "Building 1"-- you could pre-populate the comment to say,” The Sharp 12345 printer in Building 1 is out of toner. Please refill the toner and check inventory. Thank you."

Or, as part of your workflow, you could auto-populate the steps required to complete the request as a comment for the tech.
Step 1, do this.
Step 2, do this, etc.

Not rocket science, but could be used if desired.

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All [img] [/img] and [b] [/b] are removed from comments so any images inserted in comments are shown only as a URL.

Not sure how to get the Altiris formating back into comments.

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