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Carpe Mobile - Protecting Your Mobile Data

Created: 04 May 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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Sieze the Phone

 Unknown Object     Las Vegas, NV, some people come here to find fame, some to find fortune, some just to find a good time...I came to Vegas for none of these things, no really, I came to Vegas to learn more about Symantec at their annual Vision Conference. Here you can come to a single event and learn about hot topics like: System Management, Backup, Data deduplication, Virtual Applications, Virtual Machines, Enterprise Security, and so much more.  All of it under the Symantec umbrella, one that until recently I may have had some distaste for. Ladies and Gentlemen I implore you...look again...this isn't Norton, this isn't Veritas, this isn't even Altiris...this is all of the above and way more than I knew about. One aspect of Symantec I hadn't thought a lot about until today is quite possibly one of the largest growing areas of device and data management, protecting your mobile data.   

     While thinking about how I was going to write this article I started thinking about what my mobile device can do. In another world, I'm what they would call a champion of Android. I use and know about a lot of Android devices, but let us not forget Symbian, PalmOS, IOS (iPhones), laptops, and the newest member you see EVERYWHERE, tablets. These devices have access to corporate email, files, passwords, internal and very private information. They can remote control a PC, send secure information, and usually contain as much of your persona as anything you own. In fact, they are also equally the most insecure, unprotected, easily obtainable pieces of your network.  How do you protect the phone from viruses?  What are you doing to protect your data and intellectual property?  What happens if the device is lost or stolen?  How is your company managing these devices?  What are you doing to ensure that your mobile workforce is as secure as your corporate office?

    Symantec has a suite of products ready to protect your mobile workforce.  Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile, just like anti virus for your computer SEP Mobile protects your phone from viruses, firewalls off network connections, and protects the phone from SMS spam.  Symantec Network Access Control Mobile edition is the policy management for your mobile devices.  It will allow you to verify the phone is compliant with current network access policies before accessing your corporate network.  It will also alert you for any host integrity issues.  It also integrates seamlessly with SEP Mobile for Self-Enforcement.  Symantec Mobile management is the Client Management of mobile devices.  It gives you the ability to deploy software, manage configurations, provide remote support, and track and report assets.  SMM will integrate with your existing Altiris Management software so using it will be as easy as managing your current PCs.  PGP Universal Gateway Email will secure and encrypt your emails.  This protects your mobile users from people trying to get your emails over the often unprotected cellular networks or unprotected WiFi access points.

     Because of our current implementation of Altiris I've focused on the management and deployment aspects of the conference so far, however, I'm quickly looking at trying to squeeze in a Mobile session and learn more about those offerings.  If I had to pick a favorite session it would be Managing Macs in a Windows environment session.  It's nice to see users presenting how Altiris worked for them, not just in the cookie cutter mentality, but in a way that treats macs and pcs as equals.  In this sense I hope to see a day where mobile devices are treated as they are, tiny computers able to transport as much data as a pc, while making sure they are as secure as their pc counterparts.

In this world of high speed data, packed schedules, and mobile workforces, mobile devices are not going away. Is your company prepared to keep your data private and secure?

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