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Changing the Number of AClients That get Auto-Updated

Created: 05 Mar 2008 • Updated: 05 Mar 2008 • 2 comments's picture
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You just installed a Hot Fix that included a new AClient and you notice that as Auto Update is enabled, it only updates 15 clients at a time. You may find yourself asking, "How can I change the AClient Auto Update value from 15 clients at a time to a different value?"

When a newer version of AClient is installed into the Deployment Share, the managed computers automatically update their copy of AClient to match this newer version. Starting with Deployment Solution 6.5 Hotfix 2, the AClient Auto Update feature only updates 15 computers at a time, to reduce the network traffic used when a new version of AClient is installed.

To view or change the auto update value:
On the computer that Deployment Server is installed on, run Regedit.

Locate and select the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Altiris eXpress\Options

Locate and double-click the UpdateAgentsConcurrentlyMax DWORD entry to edit it.

Change the value from 15 to the value that suits you. 200 is a nice round number if you are not worried about network traffic while it does the updating.

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jeremyboger's picture

I will be upgrading our DS to 6.8 SP2 over Spring Break. This is great knowledge for me! This will allow me to get all of our clients upgraded to the newest version in that short week of Spring Break before all of the students and staff return to school. Thank you.

Jeremy I. Boger
Network Technician
MSD of Lawrence Township

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DaveDurkee's picture

I installed the production version of 6.9 on two lab DS servers. Both servers were at version 6.8 SP1 of DS and also had SQL off-box on a SQL 2005 clustered server.

The clients pointing to one server didn't complete the upgrade without being restarted. All of the client services stopped, but either wouldn't reconnect to the server or never unloaded the 6.8 agent. Restarting the clients fixed this problem. I did leave one client to see if it would eventually upgrade and it never did.

The clients pointing to the second server upgraded just fine. I was just curious if anyone has seen these results.


Dave Durkee

Dave Durkee

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