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Changing the Purging Maintenance Schedule in Notification Server

Created: 26 Sep 2007 • Updated: 26 Sep 2007
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A very pesky thing in Notification Server is schedule that Purging Maintenance runs on. The default value is that it runs every day at 2:30am. So you have a good sleep going, and all of the sudden, it is rudely interrupted by someone calling you and telling you that your Notification Server is deadlocking all over the place!

Not good!

There are so many other scheduled events running around this time, and of course, Purging is a very database intensive activity, and would well be left to a timeframe when no one else is accessing the system.

Well, while we can't control everything, one frustration has been being able to change the Purging Maintenance schedule. Some have tried to change it via editing the scheduled task, but to no avail.

While a clean, user-interface method is still in the works, a quick and fast solution is here!

By right-clicking on the Purging Maintenance item in the console tree, and selecting EXPORT, you can export the XML that defines this item. Using an XML or text editor, you can change the scheduled event time by changing the time values shown below, to an appropriate, non-conflicting time. Make sure that you change both time locations. You can then re-import the xml file back into the consolem, by rt-clicking an item, and selecit IMPORT, and the scheduled task will have changed its run time.

  <enabled>True</enabled><schedule><Trigger Type="1" Duration="0" Interval="0" KillAtEnd="0" Disabled="0" Description="At 2:30 AM every day, starting Saturday, 1 January 2005"><BeginDate>2005-01-01 02:30:00</BeginDate><DaysInterval>1</DaysInterval></Trigger></schedule><sharedSchedule>{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}</sharedSchedule>