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Changing Resource Type

Created: 24 Nov 2008 • Updated: 24 Nov 2008 • 7 comments
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Ever had an Asset created where the Resource Type is incorrect, or have you had a physical server virtualised, but the Resource Type has remained as Computer instead of Virtual Machine?

Well here's a quick script to change the Resource Type for an individual resource

UPDATE vResource
SET ResourceTypeGuid = '2C3CB3BB-FEE9-48DF-804F-90856198B600'
WHERE vResource.Guid = '9f679247-fc68-4baf-9042-5571cb79ee64' 

In this example, a server, GUID 9f679247-fc68-4baf-9042-5571cb79ee64, has had its Resource Type changed to Virtual Machine 2C3CB3BB-FEE9-48DF-804F-90856198B600.

Common Resource types are:

Asset  B9EE0AB2-AE0E-4867-BF4C-41D4A382163B
Computer  493435F7-3B17-4C4C-B07F-C23E7AB7781F
Monitor  FE46D9CE-B71C-4DE4-B790-242A9EF1A5D3
Network Printer  8E4F62F4-948C-4071-87A0-F39EDFFA9795
Network Resource  ECADDEC9-3178-4FFB-BEB4-D29E0767A79E
Peripheral  09095D15-330C-406C-87EF-CE2A621DCFCA
Rack  37EF20CC-33DE-441D-9860-373E53723258
Scanner  D05FE2CE-4FF2-41CF-9112-AC5FC31D41F1
Virtual Machine  2C3CB3BB-FEE9-48DF-804F-90856198B600

As always ensure you have a backup of the database, and if possible check any of your conversions in a test environment first.

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I've had talks with Altiris Support about just changing the resource type versus deleting/recreating the resource. My biggest concern is with resource associations. Only certain associations work with certain types, and certain fields only apply to certain resource types. I'd wonder what would happen to the data in the database when a Monitor resource (changed from a Network Resource) still has DNS host name details tied to its GUID. With Altiris Support, we did change some Fixed Asset resources to Computers and things seemed to work correctly, but the icon displayed for all of those resources in the console never changed to a computer icon; they remained as Fixed Asset icons. Just a slight GUI inconsistency, but I still what else just didn't meld right.

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I had this issus too and choose the deleting/recreating-way. If I understand correct, the "easy-way" with changing the guid would work (with a few not so fine effects) but Altiris-Support doesn't avise this!?!

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I was always wondering how I could resolve that issue easily. Thanks for the tip - works beautifully!!!!

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We have had this issue for some time now. Using network discovery we scan ranges and assets are picked up and using network inventory the inventory data is retrieved as well. This works "super" well! Unfortunately, the issue we have had is that some routers and switches come back as Computers.

I cannot wait until the day that this is a changeable item within the Altiris I hear 7.0? Maybe 7.1??? We will see.


Deborah Kahmke

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There is a scheduled task that is supposed to do this for Computer resources, to switch them to Virtual Machines.  Does anyone know how this works, or what it uses to determine a Virtual machine?   Its not working for us, and I'm trying to write my own.

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Does this only work with agents using Inventory solution?  If so, then that may be my problem.  We are running the agents by only collection basic informatin.  We don't have the inventory solution installed on these machines...

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Sorry folks, it is not in CMDB 7.0 but it is high on the potential enhancements for whatever comes after it, i.e 7.1. 

By the way CMDB and Barcode 7.0 are in beta now.  Unfortunately, Asset Management is still months away so you can play with the betas but do NOT upgrade production yet (you will loose Asset Management data such as software license compliance if you upgrade before all of the solutions are at 7.0).

Sandy Fletcher
IT Asset Management Consultant

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