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Changing to SSL and Enterprise Vault FSA

Created: 02 Aug 2014
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I’m all for making systems more secure and robust, and one of the changes which often implemented ‘after deployment’ is to change Enterprise Vault to use HTTPS rather than plain, old HTTP.  The problem with this is that it can break existing archived content, and in this article I’ll talk about placeholders with FSA.

A placeholder in FSA contains a ‘link’ back to the original item in the archive.  A small utility called fsutil can be used to view the contents of the placeholder like we see here:


What this means it that if you change Enterprise Vault (and IIS) to use HTTPS these placeholders won’t work, because they were built using HTTP.

The Cure?

The cure for this is to recreate the placeholders. Fortunately FSAUTILITY has an option to do that, the -c switch.

Have you ever changed from HTTP to HTTPS and recreated the shortcuts? Let me know in the comments below.