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Clarifying the most recent Netcraft numbers

Created: 26 Jan 2011 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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The most recent SSL report from Netcraft surprised industry watchers by stating that it had seen a drop in GeoTrust SSL certificates. We ourselves were surprised to see that, considering that GeoTrust enrollments are growing and that active certificates are at an all-time high. We have been in touch with Netcraft analysts, and working together we discovered missing GeoTrust certificates on the order of 1% of the total count. This gap is due to a recent root rollover for which the Netcraft was not registering the new GeoTrust intermediate root as a Symantec SSL product. The number of missing certificates is right around 10,000, which is just the number by which GeoTrust appeared to drop. Netcraft has told us that these certificates will be counted under the correct CA for future reports. Despite the artificially low numbers, GeoTrust still dominated the most recent Alexa-Netcraft report, just as it did for all previous versions since the report's inception early in 2010.