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Cloud Challenges

Created: 03 May 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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 One of the challenges my organization has with moving to The Cloud is that we have a high concern of the reliability and the availability of our important resources. I have not seen any Service Level Agreements. We rely hardly upon our network being up at all times among everybody else in the world, how can we be sure our data and services will have the same if not better uptime that we currently provide?

With the Cloud hoping to get as much adoption from enterprises today, they will need to have clearly defined SLA's to ensure compensation for any network downtime. While no SLA actually covers business loss, this is at least some insurance to help convince businesses of today that they will have some assurance this will not impact their business any more than having in house solutions.

If you have concerns of Cloud Computing and migrating your Data or Services to the Cloud, this report really helped me rethink the actual risk and increaded my confidence of the push itself. I really enjoyed reading pages 30-34 because it shows other large enterprises and their experiences with Cloud Computing and their services and or difficulties and concerns with moving.

I also like these "Best Practices" and tips from Daren's blog post. It is definitely something you may want to look at when considering moving to "The Cloud" with your organization.

Recent news from Symantec about the cloud;

Symantec and Partner to Deliver Stronger Security for Cloud-Based Applications!

A song that reminds me of "The Cloud" always comes to mind from Bush; Come Down. The lyrics from this song fit perfectly which is probably why every time I hear "The Cloud" I think of it. "I don't wanna come back down from this Cloud... It's taken me all this time to find out what I need, yeah".

Once you have gone through consideration, planning, and implementing, perhaps you too shall have this song come to mind as much as me every time you are thinking of your Cloud Services!