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Cloud Innovation: Helping your Company Evolve for the Future

Created: 01 Feb 2012 • Updated: 01 Feb 2012
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Any knowledgeable entrepreneur would cite innovation as a key to business success in today’s world. And yet innovation means more than simply inventing the next great iPhone app. It can be as simple as implementing an existing idea into the way you do business. The core of innovation is change – being unafraid to look critically at how you do things and see if maybe there’s a better way. Just as evolutionary change keeps organisms one step ahead of the competing species, searching for ways to improve your business can give you an edge over your competitors.

Innovation for your organization might be as simple as identifying and eliminating redundant tasks, or updating elements of your IT infrastructure. In particular, finding a way to do more with less is crucial in today’s sluggish economy. One significant opportunity for innovation comes from taking advantage of emerging cloud computing technologies, which offer several key operational advantages.

One of the most significant benefits of cloud computing is the cost savings it offers. With no need for significant up-front capital expenses such as purchasing new hardware, cloud systems offer a faster ROI, making this a driving factor in the decision to move applications and data to the cloud. In fact, according to Symantec’s recent Cloud Adoption Survey, even businesses which had not yet considered moving to the cloud reported that budgetary needs might lead them to investigate cloud computing.

In addition to financial benefits, cloud-based systems can be updated in real time. This improves security by allowing patches to be deployed quickly, providing better protection for services which have high potential for malicious activity, such as email. When security is provided as a managed cloud service, you can feel confident in having the most up-to-date security as stipulated in your provider’s SLAs. And cloud systems also offer the benefit of fast deployment, which saves weeks or months of testing new in-house hardware or software to ensure compatibility with existing systems.

With IT departments around the world struggling to keep systems running in today’s 24/7 business environment, cloud computing can provide a cost-effective solution to maintaining availability and security. This innovative technology can help organizations of all sizes remain competitive and evolve with the needs of their customers and employees.

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