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Cloud Labeling: Setting the Record Straight

Created: 13 Oct 2011 • Updated: 13 Oct 2011
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In the last week or so, erroneous statements about Symantec Enterprise have popped up on a few social media sites. The statements claim that Symantec Enterprise is not a “true” cloud solution and is merely an example of the negative “cloud labeling trend.”

We just want to take a minute to address a few of the factual inaccuracies with these statements and set the record straight.

Erroneous Statement #1:

As an established software vendor Symantec provides over 30,000 customers an on-premise archiving solution using Enterprise Vault., formerly Message Labs, has worked in the cloud space for more than 11 years and is the biggest provider of email, web and Instant Messaging security services in the cloud.

Erroneous Statement #2:

Competition within the cloud archiving market is significantly increasing - Symantec is depressed with eroding market share and mind share due to competition from cloud archiving vendors.

Symantec is a significant player in the cloud market and is not “competing” with the cloud. Rather, we provide our customers with the flexibility to deploy solutions on premise or in the cloud.

Erroneous Statement #3:

Legacy vendors cannot create a cloud solution - Symantec lacks the skills, time and money to develop cloud services.

Symantec has been investing heavily in the cloud -- both via successful acquisitions and internal development-- since our acquisition of MessageLabs (now in 2008,.

Erroneous Statement #4

Symantec leveraged LiveOffice for its hosted archiving solution and became an OEM partner.

LiveOffice’s reputation as the clear leader* in cloud-based archiving made it an obvious choice for a Symantec partnership. This partnership helps to complete our portfolio of best of breed archiving and eDiscovery solutions. The “one-stop shop” model also gives our customers the peace of mind that they will find the very best solution regardless of the deployment model that is right for their business.

Erroneous Statement #5:

Enterprise is not a true cloud-based solution.

Enterprise is 100% SaaS-based. There are optional components that require minimal software installs that only further increase the functionality of the service based on an organization’s individual needs.

Erroneous Statement #6:

Enterprise is a complex infrastructure that is prone to failures and expensive.

Enterprise requires no infrastructure, and delivers all the benefits you would expect from a cloud solution, including strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed with a money-back guarantee.

Erroneous Statement #7 an on-premise solution Enterprise doesn’t provide beneficial features like unlimited storage, elasticity, and streamlined compliance and eDiscovery needs.

Again, as a 100% SaaS-based solution, Enterprise can offer unlimited storage, elasticity and streamlined compliance and eDiscovery.

Erroneous Statement #8

With a cloud solution, there is a level of resiliency and redundancy that is not feasible within a hosted service.

Enterprise is 100% SaaS-based. We also offer our Enterprise Vault (on-premise) solution as a hosted service.

Erroneous Statement #9

Enterprise requires the purchase of individual add-ons to provide a fully compliant solution.

Enterprise is purely hosted - there are some small optional software components for customers that want even more out of the service, but these are additional features.

Clearly, there is some concern that vendors might be “slapping the cloud label” on existing products and calling them cloud-based solutions. Doing so could be detrimental to potential cloud customers and can leave them wondering how dependable the cloud really is. To support our mission of offering straight-forward best-in-breed solutions, Symantec takes great care to provide the absolute best cloud-based and on-premise solutions for potential customers regardless of their size or individual needs.

Olivia Borsje, Principal product marketing manager,


* Gartner validates LiveOffice as the #1 cloud archive in three reports:
1. Outsourcing E-Mail Archiving: 2Q09 Vendor Update (April 2009)
2. Market Trends: E-Mail Archiving Strong Growth Continues (October 2010)
3. Outsourcing E-Mail Archiving: 2Q11 Vendor Update (May 2011)


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