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Clouds Compute Well

Created: 04 Dec 2009 • 1 comment
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The buzz word cloud can be a little confusing from lay man points of view when compared to internet. But when it has been presented in a proper way this can be an effective mechanism for unmanned handling of IT services.

To go in to a more technical term, let me quote an example, where a server has been failed in the Data Center and it is of an important thing and may cause a serious damage in terms of profit to the end customer. In this case, if a cloud workflow, has been implemented such as a policy engine and an deployment system which acts like a software as a service then, the failed server can be automatically recovered with the corresponding data embedded in the same.

Diving deep in to the cloud, we can also write a cloud workflow in such a manner that it will also act on the Virtual machines. For example if a Virtual machine fails, then an event will be triggered, upon capturing the event, the workflow starts with backing up of the data in the Vm and then reinstall the Vm with the essential services which are already deployed on the cloud which acts as a software as service.

Not only this, we can extend cloud, so that we can handle Hardware as a service mechanism. For example if a switch or router fails in the Data Center, then we can implement a workflow which will receive the failure event and replace or re-route the data which are coming to the failed switch to the new switch or router which is getting replaced as a part of the workflow mechanism.

These kind of things are valuables in countries like India where a manual operation are more and taking long time. For an instance, if these kind of things are implemented in BSNL data center, then there is no need for a Fibre optic expert to check what is going wrong in which place. All the things can be reported in the cloud and the person sitting in his place can change, repair or re-route the fibre optic switches and calls.

Ideas are more with cloud just coming up, we need to figure out on how these things can be implemented with respect to technology restriction, and infrastructure availability.

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Ludovic Ferre's picture

That's an interesting post.

As you stated yourself "the buzz cloud computing can be a little confusing from lay man points of view", and can mean many different things for techies like us too.

I was watching some Google video (one of there recent events in London) on cloud computing. And one of the person there explained cloud computing in a simple (and also limited) manner that reminds me of the good all time when I was a Cisco expert (I was a CCNP back in 2000):

"The cloud was used in network diagrams to sow an interconnect mechanism that is not necessarily owned or known by the users. Like a frame-relay network interconnecting multi-sites via frame-relay switch " (I am using quotes here but this is a reconstruction of what I remember from the video).

For me cloud computing is an infrastructure that allows the data and process to be separated (decoupled) from the hardware they are running on with a scale-out rather than a scale up design.

I am currently off-net, on a retreat of some kind. I'll be back real soon, and you sure will hear from me then ;-).

Ludovic FERRÉ
Principal Remote Product Specialist

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