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Cloudy with a chance of breach in 2014 !

This blog article examines the how security threats impacted users and businesses in 2013 and possible solutions that can be adopted to fight those threats.
Created: 10 Jan 2014 • Updated: 13 Jan 2014 • 2 comments
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Hello and welcome to 2014! As we roll in the new year and with our individual list of resolutions make sure we put in protecting identity and securing our data as one of them with a firm commitment to actually carry out this resolution. As you know that 2013 ended with publishing of Snapchat users and their phone numbers. While this made media frenzy headlines, however according to Identity Theft Resource Center, there were total of 619 breaches with 57.87 million records exposed in 2013. As per the latest update, Target has revised their numbers of customers compromised in the data breach to 110 million records.

And the list represents every segment of the industry like bank, educational institution, corporation and the government. These are mind boggling numbers and we started the new year with  developer of World of Warcraft, Blzzard Entertainment reporting presence of Trojan that compromises user accounts.

These are imposing tremendous costs on corporations, based on 2013 Norton Report, with a world wide price tag of a staggering $106.3 billion. 


So far whenever data was compromised, users were reassured by business entities who provided them by providing with free credit monitoring, $50 personal liability on credit charges and the inconvenience of replacing the stolen credit card. Thus the corporations that are compromised bear most of the cost as shown, however the recent trend of Ransomware, individuals are being held hostage.

As per PC World, in a Ransomware attack, user’s data is encrypted or locked by attackers and then payment by the victim helps restore access.  In 2013 Cryptolocker was the biggest attacker with an average ransom of $300. Based on Dell Security reports ,  Cryptolocker collected $10 million in 100 days.

As solutions and products are built and designed to thwart these attacks, its obvious bad guys are still able to do damage. But then are we responsible enough to take precautions ? 

So lets work on that resolution of securing our identity and data.

Symantec provides a array of tools to safeguard and fight against the bad guys. Here is a short list for you to get started:

  1. By adopting Symantec VIP, a 2-factor authentication solution, for protecting and managing your identity. 
  2. Encrypting our data  using Symantec Encryption solution
  3. Protect your device with Symantec Endpoint Protection
  4. Backing up your data securely (and beat ransomware attack).


I don’t want to sound ominous but probability of data breaches are getting higher. Based on 2013 Norton Report , approximately 3000 users  will become victims of consumer crime by the time you have finished reading this blog.

We have the tools and solutuions, let us put a fight from today onwards against data breaches.  

Have a  safe 2014!

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Amit -

Great information about all of the different data breaches and other cybercrimes during the 2013 calendar year.  Thanks for sharing.

In addition to Symantec Endpoint Protection for protecting endpoint desktops, laptops and servers, consumers and the Enterprise also need comprehensive protection for the increasing numbers of mobile devices as well.  For consumers, Symantec provides Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton Mobile Security for protecting mobile devices.  For enterprises, Symantec provides Symantec Mobile Management Suite that is part of their Symantec Enterprise Mobility Solutions for protecting enterprise mobile devices.  Both solutions provide customers with superior mobile device security and protection against malware and data breaches.

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Amit Chakrabarty's picture

Thans Peter . Those are great pointers to some of the great products from Symantec.

Twitter: @amitabhc

YouTube: SymantecVIP

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