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Collections and Collections

Created: 07 Aug 2008
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In Workflow, the term "Collection" is a term that does not refer to traditional Altiris Collections, unless it has the Altiris icon. If it is a blue file box, then it can be used for array items.

Collections are how array handling is done. If you have a list of computers in an array, and need to add a ticket for each one, then use the component: "For each element in Collection."

It has two output paths: Next Element and Finished. The Next Element is similar to a while or for loop. Just loop it through the rest of the components and back to itself. Inside of that process it can have things like matches or equals rules, Commands, Create or Edit Tickets and then the data path goes back to the For Each element in Collection until it runs out of elements!

There are other handy ways to handle items in arrays or add items to arrays using different Collection components.