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Competitors eating OUR cooking?!?!

Created: 02 Feb 2012 • Updated: 09 Feb 2012
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Did you know that one of our largest competitors in the backup and recovery space leads with Symantec’s NetBackup as their managed offering?  Symantec is unique in that our biggest competitors are some of our biggest partners, because they understand the value and flexibility our software provides their customers.   Now with the ever increasing complexity of their customers backup environments that they are forced to manage, the enhanced features of NetBackup 7.5 that alleviate current backup pain points and streamline many of the day to day backup processes, have never been more warmly received.  Here’s a list of some of the features that look to make growing our business together very promising:

-A.I.R (Auto Image Replication)--With NetBackup’s optimized duplication mixed with Open Storage Technology and Storage Lifecycle Policies, users can hand-off over an internet connection, a full backup image already cataloged and ready for DR recovery, across separate NetBackup domains.

-WAN Resiliency—The importance of Netbackup being able to recover the backup process if network connection is interrupted, as well as utilizing client side deduplication to minimized traffic across the WAN and the time it takes to complete the backups.

-Deduplication—the ability to backup only the fragments of files that have changed within a backup policy, shrinking the amount of space and time needed to still provide full backup protection. (This was rigorously tested against not only their product, but many other of our competitors, with Netbackup showing the best results)

-Replication Director –Manage array snapshots through NetBackup and still command the ability to granularly recover single files if needed.

-Integrated Appliances (NBU 5220’s)-- The ability to drop in or refresh a new NetBackup Master and/or media server pre-configured into an appliance with storage.  Easy to configure into the network and join into an existing NetBackup domain.

-VMWare backups—Being able to backup full VM images and still be able to granularly restore single files.  No longer needing a proxy server for staging, it can all be done with one pass and directly to storage based on integration with the VStorage API.

**we would love to hear from others who have tested and benchmarked our performance**

 The main business objective for them at the end of the day, is no different from most anyone else.   They want the most cutting edge and efficient backup software, while lowering their total cost of ownership, including capital expenditures and operational expenditures.  If we at Symantec can make such an impression and make this type of traction behind “enemy lines”, how can we not have the same or even more success across the board with all our customers?  For anyone reading this that wants more information on the latest features of NetBackup 7.5, please visit:  and see how good our cooking is! 

Bon Appetit!