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Concerns of Cloud Computing

Created: 03 May 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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A song that reminds me of clouds is Get Off of My Cloud by the Rolling Stones.  One obvious reason being is it has the word cloud in the title.  :-)  Cloud computing is a phenomenon that has taken off over the last couple of years.  Most people and companies as a whole are skeptical about implementing a cloud solution within their environment because of risks that come along with it.  With risks also come pros.  In today's economy it would be overall cheaper to implement cloud computing than purchasing and maintaining servers on site in a air conditioned room.  I think the major challenge is to convince the CIO or CEO to go with a cloud solution.  If it is done properly with the necessary security and policies in place, there should be no issue or concerns.  CEO's and CIO's mostly care about the cost and how much money it will save them over X amount of years; it doesn't hurt to bring that up as well.


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