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Configuration of Kemp Loader Balancer (NLB/HLB) for NetBackup 7.0/7.1 GRT

Created: 29 Jun 2012 • Updated: 29 Jun 2012
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Configuration of Kemp Loader Balancer hardware network load balancer for Netbackup 7.0/7.1 Exchange 2010 GRT

Kemp Loader Balancer configuration:

Create a Virtual Service for pbx in Layer 7:

Service Type: Generic

Transparency checked, Persistence Options Mode: Source IP, Timeout 1 Hour

Netbackup 7.0 needs extra port 13724 to work

Add the Service Virtual IP X.X.X.X to the Netbackup Servers on the CAS servers.

Screen dump attached

Check of configuration:

Runnning bptestbpcd -client <casarray> -debug

EXIT status should be 0

EXIT status 25 indicates a problem with the Virtual Service for pbx or netbackup host cache, run bpclntmcd –clear_host_cache on servers and clients. Get the Server team to check the Virtual Service for pbx

EXIT status 46 indicates that the Virtual service ip address need to be added to servers list on the CAS servers