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Configuring Enterprise Vault to give you better backup performance through Backup Exec

Created: 28 Jun 2012 • Updated: 29 Jun 2012 • 1 comment
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Enterprise Vault (EV) stores data as many small files within various directories called EV partitions. These files might be millions in number. Backing up a large number of small files results in lesser performance than backing up a single file of the size equivalent to the cumulative size of all files.

To circumvent this problem, there is a setting in Enterprise Vault that makes EV collect the stored data into a CAB files. If this collection process is executed before the backup, the backup will run faster as the data is now in some larger files rather than hundreds of small files.  Refer the following TechNote:

Vault store Partition Collection can be enabled using the below mentioned steps:

  • In the EV Admin Console, select the Vault Store which contains the partition in concern. On the right pane, ‘right click’ on the partition and select ‘Properties’.

  • On the pop-up window, select the ‘Collections’ tab.

You can enable ‘Use of collection files’ and configure the maximum size of the collection files to suit your backup device, but there are several other rules that Enterprise Vault Collector uses that you may want to be aware of:

Rules for Collector

  • All files of the appropriate age are collected.
  • A collection file never contains more than 25,000 files.
  • Files are collected provided that they are no bigger than the maximum collection file size.
  • Enterprise Vault Collector does not modify a collection file once it has been created. Thus, you may find that you have collection files that are less than the maximum size.

Below are the descriptions of all the fields in ‘Collections’ tab:

1.Use Collection files

If you want to use file management software, check this and then choose the collector software you want to use from the list and customize the collection behavior as required.

Note that, when you have enabled file management software for a partition, you cannot go back to None.

Further note that this option is not shown for Centera partitions.

 2.Daily file collection times:

Start at - Enter the local time at which you want Enterprise Vault Collector to start collection.

End at - Enter the local time at which you want  Enterprise Vault Collector to end collection. Enterprise Vault stops collecting at this time or when it has no more files to collect, whichever comes first.

Run Now - Click this to run Enterprise Vault Collector on this partition immediately.

3.Limit collection files to <number> megabyte

Enter the maximum size for collection files. The default size is 200 MB (in version 8.0 the default size is 10); you may want to change this to optimize the use of your backup media.

Note that increasing the size of collection files means it takes longer to restore archived items because Enterprise Vault must recall complete collection files before extracting the files to be restored.

4.Collect files older than

Enter the amount of time that must elapse since files were last modified before they are eligible for collection.

Note: Defragment the EV  storage location to remove fragmentation.

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