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Configuring SVS to Ensure .xls Files Open in Excel 2003 Instead of Office 2007

Created: 05 May 2008 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 • 2 comments
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Anil asked, "I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. Here is my issue, we have Office 2003 installed on our base image. We have created a layer for Excel 2007. Everything works fine, except that we needed a way to make sure all .xls files open in Excel 2003 instead of Excel 2007. I was wondering if we could talk to an expert from your side to possibly solve this problem? We have attempted a few things but have not succeeded in accomplishing this task."

When you have two or more applications that can handle a given set of file types, SVS allows you to explicitly configure which one has precedence. This is documented in the Product Guide, Chapter 6, under "Using Layer Prioritization".

By default, when an app in a layer is activated, it will take precedent and handle the file types associated with it. To "downgrade" the priority of your Excel 2007 layer, so that Excel 2003 continues to handle Excel file types, the syntax is:

svscmd "Excel 2007" priority -t hkcr -l 100

You don't have to use "100" -- actually, any number higher than 85.5 will do. "100" has just become the standard number we use when we want to drop a priority very low to ensure it's below everything else.

You can either do this once on your packaging machine before export, which makes the priority a permanent attribute of the .vsa package; or you can execute this command after import as a sequenced task in NS, which allows you to assign the priority by machine collection.

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You could also just delete .xls from the 2007 layer's mime-type list so it won't see it as a registered type.

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[quote=Jordan]You could also just delete .xls from the 2007 layer's mime-type list so it won't see it as a registered type.
[/quote]This should be added to the post but this only works if the Office 2007 layer isn't gonna be distributed in a company. Some people may not have Excel 2003

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