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Configuring Workspace Profiles UNC Path

Created: 23 Dec 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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I have been spending a fair amount of time with Symantec Workspace Profiles the past couple of weeks.  The tool uses Microsoft roaming profiles as its foundation.  As you probably know roaming profiles can be configured using GPO's or it can be configured manually.  I didn't really understand how the manual configuration was implemented so I went to dev to find out.  Here is what I learned.

When a user logs in the GINA will tell the machine that the user is using roaming profiles for example \\SEVDC\Profiles\Scot.  The Symantec Workspace Profiles tool then look through the UNC paths that have been added to the SWP tool.  If the first part of the path \\SEVDC\Profiles is in the list.  If it is Symantec Workspace Profiles will optimize the session.  If not, the session will use traditional Windows roaming profiles.

I was always confused why SWP didn't take something like %USERNAME% in the path and now I know.