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Connect Dev Notes: 12 Dec 2012

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012
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User Facing: Desktop

  • Added a new IT Trends feature area to the Connect home page.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect event dates displaying in the right sidebar of their associated Group page.
  • Resolved an issue where two similar lists of "authors I subscribe to" did not list the same authors.
  • Fixed an issue where group names that included special characters (like "&") were rendering with encoded characters in the navigation bar.
  • Added "India" as an option in the country select list on the protected assets (Vision on Demand) request form.
  • Suppressed the display of Comments RSS link on pages that users cannot comment on (like Group home pages).
  • Changed the "Solved" label on forum list pages to "Solutions"

Admin Facing

  • Modified the rendering of Trend feeds so admins can link from different words in the title to the feed source.
  • Made the "rejection email message" -- that users receive when their contribution to a collaborative article is rejected -- configurable.

Performance Wins

  • Implemented client-side caching for symantec_navigation HTML. Initial tests show load times dropping from ~71ms to ~5ms.
  • Added code that mutes user avatars on screens where more than 5 users have commented on a topic -- to speed up page loads on mobile devices.

Behind the Scenes

  • Added PrivateNet switches between servers in our Virginia data center to resolve server-to-server communication issues during periods of high throughput.
  • Added Omniture tracking code to elements on the machine translation pages.
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