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Connect Dev Notes: 19 Apr 2013

Created: 19 Apr 2013 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 6
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User Facing: Desktop

  • Improved the code that imports Accreditation and Certification levels achieved by Connect users. Also refreshed the database to reflect the latest Accreditation and Certification info on Connect user profile pages.
  • Changed who can mark forum posts as solved (and who can clear a previous solution).
    • Users who can mark and/or clear a solution:
      -- The author of the problem post.
      -- Community Managers
    • Users who can mark a solution but cannot clear a solution:
      -- Trusted Advisors
      -- Technical Supporters
  • Added the ability for some privileged users to unpublish (but not delete) unsuitable or inappropriate content.
  • Added code that makes it more obvious to a user who is marking a solution that if they change their mind, they must clear a previous solution before they are able to mark a new solution.
  • Fixed an issue with IE users who were unable to see the Badgeville badges on user profile pages.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect/incomplete image paths in some of our RSS feeds.
  • Tuned the new announcement block so it doesn't display inadvertently to users of the Internet Explorer browser.

Admin Facing

  • Added a global, "administer any group" permission that will allow users with that permission to add or remove members from any group on Connect.
  • Improved the user merge script to migrate the "member for" date from the source user profile to the target profile.
  • Added the ability for group owners to customize the "membership request accepted" and "membership request denied" email messages that go out to prospective group members.