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Connect Dev Notes: 24 January 2014

Created: 24 Jan 2014 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 19
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Updates deployed to the Connect production servers as a result of the code sprint that ended 21 January 2014.

User Facing: Desktop

  • Added the ability for blog admins to add short "Author Bios" to each post in their blog.
  • Added the ability for blog admins to add a "We Recommend" list of links to the sidebar of their blog pages.
  • Added the ability for blog admins to enable a page view counter on their blog pages.
  • Added a "Date published" parameter to the Omniture tracking code so managers could request reports based on when content was published.
  • Added a counter next to the Facebook "Share" widget.
  • Added the ability to browse blog posts by date.
  • Fixed a JavaScript issue that was disabling the "See solution" and the "permalink" links.
  • Fixed a message truncation issue that users of Outlook 2010 were seeing when they received full-thread notifications from Connect.
  • Fixed a page rendering issue users of Internet Explorer 11 were seeing on the submission form when they attempted to submit content to Connect.
  • Fixed an issue that was not moving child comments with their parent comment when a permissioned user created a new discussion from a collection of comments that had gone off-topic.
  • Fixed an issue that was showing the "My Activity" breadcrumbs and navigation on pages that were out of the My Activity context.
  • Fixed an issue with broken image URLs in RSS feeds.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Was this helpful" banner not showing on all forum pages.
  • Fixed an issue with the setting that allows users to change the number of posts they see on a list page.
  • Fixed an issue with workflow and forum submissions that was not allowing submissions saved in the draft workflow state to be moved to the published workflow state.
  • Migrated the "In Defense of Data" blog to Connect.
  • Removed social "share" widgets from private pages.