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Connect Dev Notes: 27 Dec 2012

Created: 27 Dec 2012 • Updated: 14 May 2014 • Page Views: 4
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  • Updated all create forms to include a link to the Community-Product map so content contributors can easily refer to the reference and (hopefully) submit their posts to the correct community.
  • Updated the "Author" filter on article list pages to only display authors who have published articles in the community being viewed. Users will no longer choose an author from a filter and get no results.
  • Fixed a problem with UI elements on machine translated versions of Japanese and Chinese Simplified articles not displaying in the proper language.
  • Added the ability for members of "Symantec IT Risk and Compliance Product Group" subgroups to subscribe to notifications of Control Compliance Connector status changes.
  • Removed the "All Time" label from the Trusted Advisor list widget based on user feedback that the label was confusing.
  • Changed the phrase, "Total Content Items" in the footer to "Total Posts" to more accurately describe the metric.
  • Removed the "Edit Membership" link from the "My Groups" list since -- depending on the type of group -- a user's ability to manage their membership is limited (or is not allowed). Users are better served by visiting the target group home page and following the membership options provided there.
  • Deleted the Certification and Accreditation data from our database tables and imported fresh data to resolve some issues with inaccurate data.
  • Added code to the groups filter at /connect/groups/ to improve its compatibility with the Internet Explorer browser.